Boost Your Power Potential

Reach out to us for electrical panel upgrades in Bismarck, ND

Is your property's power output being capped by a faulty or outdated electrical panel? Make sure your home or business is equipped to handle your energy demands now and in the future. R K Electric is a leading provider of electrical panel upgrades in Bismarck, ND. We'll remove your old panel and install a new one right away.

If your property still has the original fuse box, it's definitely time to replace it with a breaker system. Call your local residential or commercial electrician today to set up an appointment.

When is it time to upgrade your electrical panel?

It's important to upgrade your panel before it gets overwhelmed. Electrical panel upgrades should be scheduled right away if...

  • Your lights are flickering often
  • You've noticed a burning smell coming from your panel
  • You've upgraded to new power-hungry appliances
  • The panel is warm to the touch
  • Your breakers are tripping frequently
  • Your outlets aren't working

A skilled residential or commercial electrician can safely inspect your panel to determine the best course of action. Speak with us today for a free estimate.